Almost a missionary!

Where have I been?
Short answer: I've been working a lot, spending time with friends and family, and basically getting ready for my mission.

Where am I going:
I get set apart as a missionary on Sunday, fly to Utah on Monday, and enter the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday. Ahh! It's all coming so fast but at the same time I'm so excited and ready to leave.

That being said, my mom will be posting all of my emails and photos on my mission blog. You can find it here and follow along!

I am so excited to serve the Lord and the people of Brazil! I know the gospel is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God!

See ya'll later!


Customer Service

Dear customer

I was confused for several hours, but I'm glad I finally understand why you insisted I make you another ice cream cone today in the drive-thru. When you glanced at the perfectly good one made for you ten seconds before you got to the window then repeated "I don't want it" I'm sorry I didn't immediately know why. Forgive me for worrying that we had messed up your order. I'm sorry I bothered you with questions. The funny thing is, when I asked out of curiosity what was wrong with the cone, you wouldn't answer me. Then after repeating "I don't want it!" over and over, I'm glad you finally told me that you didn't want it because it had sat on the counter. Thanks for finally explaining that you will not partake of an ice cream cone that has touched a counter, paper wrapping and all. I apologize that you could not see my coworker swirling ice cream for you directly before you arrived at the window. 

Thank you hailing over my manager as well.  I really think her opinion of me changed after your two-minute monologue about how rude and disrespectful I am. She probably fully trusts your account even though she has known me for well over three years. I apologize that I still am not quite sure what that mumbo jumbo was about being submissive to the customer. Frankly, it didn't make sense. I hate to point it out, but our short yet memorable interaction reflected more upon your character than upon mine. Sorry to break it to you, but throwing a temper tantrum is not acceptable for a middle aged woman. However, I'm glad you graced me with another opportunity to practice my swirling skills.

Thanks! Have a great day ma'am!


On My Mind.

now playing: the rising - nashville tribute band

The Nashville Tribute Band has got it going on. For serious. Check out their albums on iTunes. I have the Joseph Smith and the Work albums. I mean I'm all for some good ol' Janice Kapp Perry, but sometimes you've got to keep it fresh. You know, shake things up a bit.

The singles ward in Charlotte. sigh. I decided on a whim to go with my older brother Trevor today, and you betcha it was uncomfortable. That Sunday School teacher, bless his heart. I don't understand teachers continue to wait awkwardly for someone to answer their vague questions. Then when someone answers the question they hardly acknowledge the answer. Meh. I'll stop complaining now. And being judgemental. The class was fine, I just miss Abigail's rockin' Sunday School class. She was the bomb diggity. 

Ever tried MAC's BB Cream? Or any BB Cream? I got some from the drugstore that was a bit disappointing, but MAC is really living up to my expectations. Hurrah for quality products!

My favorite sandals are on their last leg. (haha) But really I've worn those poor things down to a string of elastic holding the back together. I just don't think I'm ready to say goodbye quite yet...

Mama Baker is currently in San Antonio. Hey Mama!! I know you're reading this! I miss you!

I report to the MTC in 38 days! 

While visiting the singles ward today, I met a guy from Brazil! He was awesome and when I told him where I will be serving, the first thing he says is, "Oooh. It's hot there." Coming from a Brazilian, it's gonna be hot hot hot. I say bring it. Some heat won't stop me from sharing the gospel! You sillies.

Yoga tomorrow. 10:30 am. I'm so ready. 


Pre-Mish Bucket List

now playing: shimbalaiê - maria gadú

1// Reread the entire Book of Mormon. According to my calculations *sniffs and pushes up glasses*, that amounts to about 5 chapters a day. I can do it!

2// Know all the missionary lessons. Not just kinda sorta know them. Know them. Like the back of my hand, yo.

3// Run a 5k. If you know anything about me, you know I hate running. But I've learned that nothing gets my heart rate up quite like running. Gotta get in the fat burning zone!

4// Lose 10 pounds. Instead of a beach body, I'm going for a Brazil body! And I'm already halfway there. 5 pounds down, 5 to go. Lessgo weight watchers!

5// Pack up my room. The little broski is moving in after I'm gone, so I want all my stuff out so he can have his own room. 

6// Road trip to Wilmington. This one is for sure happening once Abigail gets home. For one, I love love love the beach. (Couldn't you tell from my last post?) And for another, I want to check out all the landmarks from One Tree Hill. Major fangirl right here. Don't judge.

7// Eat at a Brazilian restaurant. For obvious reasons.

8// Spice up my mission blog. Mama Baker will be posting my letters and whatnot here, so I think a bit of a facelift is in order. 

9// Go to the temple at least three more times. It's hard to go often when you have to drive two hours each way, but I'm working on it!

I got a letter today from the Joao Pessoa Mission, which is my missions "parent mission" because it doesn't quite exist yet. It's making me even more excited!!


La Mer

now playing: i lived - onerepublic

Once upon a time I went to Charleston. 

That city has got it goin' on. For serious.

I haven't been to the beach in years, so this trip has been long overdue. Not to mention we all needed a break from the work. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.

No matter how much sunscreen I put on I get burnt every time. Mais, c'est la vie. 

Salt water, sand, fresh fish. Oh how I would love to live at the beach!

 I could steal this bike & ride it around everywhere! (kidding. swiper no swiping.)

 Charleston, until we meet again. Twas fun. 



now playing: more love - dixie chicks

That is one of my very favorite songs ever. 

We take selfies at work.

Evelina is my CFA BFF. We've been together since day 1 & been inseparable ever since!

I've been listening to Brazilian music. 

Complicated work relationships exist. #acca-awkward. We also transformed the "To Do List" into a fake rumor board. 

Yesterday I ran a mile for the first time in I don't even know how long! I usually walk for two and a half minutes then run for two and a half minutes. But a Monday I wanted to push myself and run for five minutes straight. When I hit the five minute mark I didn't feel too tired, so I kept going for another five. Turns out it was almost a mile, so yesterday I went for the kill and it felt so good! You can be sure I'll be running again today! (I'm still not a fan of running, but I'm getting there.)

This pretty lady is graduating today. Love her!

I clearly don't have a real camera. Need evidence? See blurry photo above.

One of my favorite people is leaving for college tomorrow morning and I'm pretty bummed about it. I won't see him for almost three years! Crazy stuff. 

Oh, and I've been watching Miranda Sings videos all morning. Judge me, go ahead. 



now playing: 1901 - phoenix

Oh hey. 

I turned 19 on Tuesday. Whoohoo! I got to partake of a fancy cake made by the one, the only, Mama Baker. She makes the best cakes. Seriously. 

And I also got a cake from Chick-fil-A the day before my birthday! That was fun. For birthdays the team always scares surprises the person by banging pots and pans and singing a loud rendition of "Happy Birthday." There is a lovely older lady that works in the back that always starts dancing while she is singing. I don't think she realizes she does it, it just happens. Her Arabic roots take over and before we all know it she's semi-belly dancing. 

I was laughing so hard I was crying. And the poor girl I was training on the headset couldn't hear a thing. #ohwell

- - -

I think I have a problem. I shop. A LOT. I think I'm starting to freak out Mama Baker. She gives me this weird look when I tell her I'm going to Target for the third time this week.

You see, instead of having actual friends, I just go shopping by myself. 

The real problem is that I'm having friend withdrawals  I don't talk to any of my friends from high school except one, who is currently in Alabama for the rest of the summer (everyone says it won't happen, but it does). My friends from college are either 1) serving a mission, 2) still in Utah, 3) home for the summer in their neck of the woods that is not North Carolina. And it's hard to hang out with my work peeps because we have conflicting schedules a lot of the time. 

Now you get it. It's actually been a pretty lonely transition from living with my friends & surrounded with entertainment 24/7, and living back at home. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I missed them a lot while I was at school. It's just different. 

You'd think that I would make time for blogging, but alas, that is not the case. I just don't know why I can't seem to keep up this my wee little space! I'm struggling, that's for sure. 

So there ya go. That's why I'm spending another Friday night alone in my room. It's my own personal pity party. Hoorah. P.S. I'm done whining now. I think. 

P.S. I'm done whining now. I think.